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Outstanding Quality Patch cord

  • All patch cords are qualified at 1550nm, data provided for singlemode

  • All patch cords are qualified at 1310nm, data provided for multimode

  • All connectors are inspected visually at 400X

  • Non-flammable (UL94 V-0)

  • 3mm OFNR/ FT-4 fiber by default

  • Choice of 900um, 2mm, 3mm, Simplex & Duplex Cables

  • Boots fixed to jacket

  • Double crimping for increased tensile strength

  • Wide selection of connectors, see our product list

  • Connectors meet TIA and Telcordia* standards

Singlemode polishing UPC or APC

  • Ultra Physical Contact or Angle Ultra Physical Contact

  • SM (average) UPC+ 0.09dB Br ?57.5dB

  • SM (average) APC+ 0.17dB Br ?68.5dB

Multimode polishing SPC

  • Super Physical Contact

  • Super Physical Contact

  • MM (average) SPC+ 0.12dB

* Telcordia GR 326-CORE (formerly Bellcore)

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